Non-Healing Wounds

A wound is a disruption of tissue integrity for various reasons. These sometimes occur for off-body reasons as in traumas. They sometimes develop due to other health problems such as diabetes and vascular occlusion. All wounds need a proper environment and time to heal. In some cases, the healing of wounds may be delayed, although proper care is provided. These wounds stuck at any stage of the healing process are called chronic wounds.


* “Bedsores” seen in paralyzed patients

* “Diabetic foot sores” seen in diabetic patients

* Wounds due to arteriosclerosis

* Wounds due to vascular insufficiency

* Wounds due to radiotherapy

* Wounds that do not heal due to medications used or infection

The above are examples of chronic wounds.


In the treatment of a chronic wound, the causes of the wound should be identified and eliminated first. The appropriate wound environment should then be provided for healing of the wound and necessary interventions to stimulate healing should be performed. Modern wound care products used today, growth factors and stem cell treatments accelerate the healing process by providing these conditions. However, knowledge and experience are needed to determine the needs of the wound and to use the appropriate materials correctly. In addition, tissue transplants, which require the speciality of plastic surgery, are often needed to close the wounds.