Burns are injuries that result from exposure to excessive amounts of energy which tissues cannot withstand. While said energy is often heat energy, it may also be electrical energy, chemical energy or radiation energy. Burns are injuries that require rapid assessment and intervention. They require special attention and knowledge, much more than a simple wound dressing.


1st-degree burns, defined as minor burns, and 2nd-degree burns involving a small area can be treated by dressing without the need for hospitalization. More severe burns may require hospitalization or a visit to a Burn Treatment Centre.


In the case of burns, it is necessary to cool the burnt area at the first stage to prevent further damage to the cells. To cool the burning zone, it may be put under cold water or ice compresses may be applied to the affected area. This will both alleviate the pain and prevent the other cells in the area from getting damaged. The burnt area should then be wrapped with clean gauze or towel and then a plastic surgeon should be consulted.